Why Everyone Should Try Anal Sex

There are many misconceptions around anal sex. Some people think of it as taboo, something that only weird kinky people do. However, everyone should try anal sex at least once in their life. Below are some reasons you should try anal sex and tips for how to ensure you have a good experience.

Men enjoy it: Men find this type of sex to be a whole unique sensation the traditional vaginal sex. The anus is extremely constrictive in a different manner than vaginal muscles are, and this is enjoyed by men. Also, when a woman gives her whole self to her man, as well as all her holes (mouth, vagina, and anus) she provides him with a very strong feeling of pleasure and adoration.

Women enjoy it too: The anus has more nerve endings than other parts of the body. It is surrounded by nerve endings directly within it, and around it. What this means is that even though the woman may not be getting pleasure through the vagina, they will still find anal sex to be very pleasant. Additionally, it is pleasurable because a man can easily be able to reach the woman’s G-spot when pleasuring her anally, as his member will apply pressure against her vaginal wall.

Eliminates Pregnancy Fears: Some women prefer anal sex because they cannot get pregnant this way. The only variation to this statement is that moment when sperm finds its way out of the anus and into the vagina. Knowing this greatly helps to reduce any tension that may be present when having sex.

Tips to Try Out for Maximum Anal Sex Pleasure

Take it slow: This is a very important point. When you first try anal sex you should take your time in getting down to business to ensure minimum discomfort or pain.

Have a good lube: Never attempt anal sex without the proper lubricant, because without it there will be pain for sure.

Rub other sexual places during the act: Rubbing of the clitoris or breast during anal sex can increase the woman’s pleasure and help her get used to the feeling of a big cock in her ass.

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